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The Offense


Who will be the the QB for the 2001-02 season? Will it be Andrew Zow who started off most of the season last year? or Tyler Watts who seemed to win over the fans by the end of the last years season. But we can't forget about one of Alabama newest memeber to the team, Brodie Croyle, who is one of America's Top QB prospects and nearly broke all of Alabama's High School passing records.

Let's start with Andrew Zow, he is no doubt the strongest passing arm we have, and last season he threw for 5,329 yards and 29 Touchdowns. But on the other side of that he only completed 48% of his passes and threw 14 interceptions resulting in 6 Touchdowns.

Tyler Watts, the Quaterback that has the speed is lacking in the passing area. Although when he does pass he is quite accurate when he throws he doesn't have the power to get the ball out there. Running the ball however, is one of his strongholds, he averaged 4.1 yards per carry.

Brodie Croyle a true freshman who graduated high school early and started the University in January of this year. He went the spring training with the rest of the team and threw for 3,787 in a prep. season. His inexperience often showed in Spring Training but he is going to be one to watch as the season progresses.

Running Backs

After the A-Day game Franchione siad that Ahmaad Galloway had established himself as the the Number 1 back on the team. During last years season Galloway had 659 yards rushing with 7 TD's. He had an average of 4.8 Yards per Carry.

Sophmore Santonio Beard is back after missing last season due to knee and sholder injuries. He has greatly impressed the coaches and is now considered to be the best reciever among the backs.

Brandon Miree the biggest among the backs at 6'2" and 233lbs, he has lots of potential; he needs to work on his receiving, and during spring training he fumbled the ball a lot but I look for him to improve a lot during this years season.

One to watch, Sophmore Dannie Lowe, who was moved from the linebacker position. He went into the preseason camp atop the depth chart as a Fullback. This may have been a very good choice for the coaches to make.


What happend to Freddie Milons last year?!! In his 1999 season he caught 65 passes for a total of 733 yards, but in 2000 he only caught 32 passes and his yardage only totaled 287 yards. Something went way wrong last year and lets hope this year is better for him and us.

Antonio Carter is one to look at, with last year being his best ever with 45 catches totaling 586 yards. This junior is a quick playmaker and is going to be one to watch this year.

Jason McAddley the fastest reciever on the team, he led the tides recievers last year with 3 TDs. I am looking foward to seeing him play this season and see how he will do his Senior Year.

Terry Jones, this Senior returns after missing half of last year due to a torn ACL.


The two red shirt freshmen Wesley Britt and Justin Smiley are going to be two to watch as there college football career unfolds. The true freshman Von Ewing was the 2000 Prep. Lineman of the year in Alabama and i am looking foward to seeing him in action.

Unfortunately we lost starters Paul Hogan, Griff Redmill and Will Cuthbert to graduation last year.


Returning startes for this year include the Junior Saleem Rasheed and Senior Victor Ellis. Ellis was second on the team with 94 tackles and Rasheed came away with 81.

Senior Darius Gilbert lost his starting position as linebacker.

Last updated July 29, 2001
Created by Chris Lee