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WOW, WHAT A GAME!!!! Now that was Alabama Football. I was there and enjoyed every single minute of this game. I would like to thank the Offensive Line for BLOCKING and the D-line for making the Tackles. The Secondarys still need some work but for the most part they had a good game. I think the Coaching in this game was Great and there is not a question in my mind that the decision made by Coach Fran to not let anyone know about the QB situation was the thing to do. And by stoping the AU Offense it allowed us to show our full potential. Just to see how much we outplayed AU all you need to do is look at the Stats. With our 549 yds Total AU only got 272 yds Total. And Rushing that is something that AU has been known for but since the "Cadillac" ran into the wrong Bama Defensive Lineman AU rushing was limited to only 41 yds Rushing and Bama Reigned with an Amazing 326 rushing yards. The only Other thing i have to Say about Auburn is OVER RATED!!!!!!


Was this a game or what. I mean noone could really hold on to the ball and once we started the 3rd we really took off, in the first half zow only completed 3 pass but in the second half he completed almost 90% of his passes. The only catch to that is we didn't pass it and that was the smart thing to do in that weather. I firmly belive in Coach Fran and i have a sceen a major difference in the performance that they are putting out. And most of all who would have thought a month ago that we would be going to a bowl game. See i will tell you i haven't missed but 2 games this year one was Vandy and the other was Ole Miss. Now in the So. Miss game i was right out in the middle of the rain cheering in the Student Section. Now if you read the thing about TN, Miami, and LSU this is because i picked them to win and in the TNvsFL game all my friends told me i was full of it but we all see who was right.( i also picked the TX vs CO game). When we find out what bowl we are going to and who we play i will be sure to let you know

Last updated December 02,2001
Created by Chris Lee